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NRDF/SLHTA Cake Challenge

The National Research and Development Foundation (NRDF) as a brand had become known as a “has been” institution, far from its longstanding reputation as a stalwart socio-economic partner.  However, the organization did have tremendous potential with great work still being produced within its decaying façade.  The Cake Decorating course, for example, constantly churned out highly skilled students who were already entrepreneurs in the making by the end of their courses.  A proposal was put to Management to launch a Cake Challenge that would not only showcase the good work produced by the NRDF, but as an offshoot improve the image of institution, positioning it as a happening entity.  The idea was that this event would cause the market to take a second look at the Institution as a viable place for investment in their education.


This involved TV Production, Brand Development, PR services including Press Events, Advertising and Promotion (Creative Direction, Content Writing, Social Media, Talk Shows, TV/Print/Radio ads).


The event was tremendously successful, with rave reviews from participants.  Inter alia, within 2 months, NRDF had seen a 30% increase in applications for its Cake Decorating Course and overall increased interest in the institution.




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